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Trail Etiquette

Having skied in many ski races we thought we would put some basic trail etiquette down for other skiers.  After every Birkie™ and other races we talk and hear from others about the rude behavior of fellow skiers.  So we came up with this list.  If you have any suggestions please write to us at webmaster@birkieweb.com.

1. If you find yourself being passed by other skiers move to the appropriate side of the trail, depending on where tracks are set, if you are freestyle skiing.  Let faster skiers easily get by.


2. If you are classic skiing yield the track to faster skiers or stay to the far right track if there are multiple tracks.


3. Do not stop in the middle of a hill.  If you can not make it up a hill move over to the right or left so that other skiers can get by.  If you know you are tired try staying to one side or the other so that you don't find yourself in the middle of the trail.


4. Try to throw cups and other waste to the far left or right of the trail so that others will not catch their skies on debris.  Even elite skiers need to throw their feed bottles off the trail. This is changing now with some races going to carrying your own cup or keeping trash only in the designated rest stop areas.


5. Keep your poles tucked in tight on the downhills rather than having them up in the air at face level of skiers behind you.  Very dangerous if there is a fall and having poles that high is not aerodynamic anyhow.


6. Keep a safe distance from the skier in front of you so you don't stop on their skies or poles or if they fall create a chain reaction crash.  If a skier is slower and not moving over you will need to find the safest place to pass.  It is always good to assess a hill when you come upon it to see where slower skiers are if you are going to need to pass.